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Year : 3/17, 총 게시물 : 332
292    "Synthesis and characteristics of Tb-doped Y 2SiO 5 nanophosphors and luminescent layer for enhanced photovoltaic cell performance"
D. K. Yim, I-S Cho, S Lee, C. H. Kwak, D. H. Kim, J. K. Lee, K. S. Hong
J NANOSCI NANOTECHNO, 2011, 11, 10, 8748-8753
291    "Electronic band structures and photovoltaic properties of MWO4 (M=Zn, Mg, Ca, Sr) compounds"
D. W. Kim, I.-S Cho, S. S. Shin, S. W. Lee, T. H. Noh., D. H. Kim., H. S. Jung., K. S. Hong
J. Solid. State. Chem., 184, 8, pp2103-2107, 2011
290    "Wolframite-type ZnWO4 nanorods as new anodes for Li-ion batteries"
H.-W Shim, I.-S Cho, K. S Hong, A.-H Lim, D.-W Kim
J. Phys. Chem C, 115, 32, 2011
289    "Size-controlled synthesis of monodispersed mesoporous a-Alumina spheres by a template-free forced hydrolysis method"
H.-S. Roh, G. K. Choi, J.-S. An, C. M. Cho, D. H. Kim, I. J. Park, T. H. Noh, D.-W. Kim and K. S. Hong
DALTON T , 40, 26, 2011
288    "Nanowire-Based Three-Dimensional Transparent Conducting Oxide Electrodes for Extremely Fast Charge Collection"
Noh J H, Han H S, Lee S, Kim J Y, Hong K S, Han G S, Shin H, Jung H S
Adv. Energy Mater, 1, 2011
287    "General Strategy for Fabricating Transparent TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrodes: Illumination Geometry and Transport Properties"
J. Y. Kim, J. H. Noh, K. Zhu, Adam F.Halverson, Nathan R. Neale, S.b. Park, K. S. Hong, Arthur J. Frank
ACS NANO, 5, 4, 2011
286    “A novel blue-emitting NaSrPO4:Eu2+ phosphor for near UV based white light-emitting-diodes"
D. K. Yim, H.J. Song, I-S. Cho , J. S. Kim, K. S. Hong
Mater. Lett, 65, 2011
285    “Preparation and photoluminescence properties of c-KCaPO4: Eu2+ phosphors for near UV-based white LEDs"
D. K. Yim I-S Cho, C. W. Lee J. H. Noh H. S. Roh, K. S. Hong
Opt. Mater, 33,7, 2011
284    “Electronic Band Structure, Optical Properties, and Photocatalytic HydrogenProduction of Barium Niobium Phosphate Compounds (BaO–Nb2O5–P2O5)”
I-S. Cho, D. W. Kim, D. H. Kim, S. S. Shin, T. H. Noh, D. W. Kim and K. S. Hong
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem, 35, 23, 2011
283    "Effects of crystal and electronic structures of ANb2O6 (A=Ca, Sr, Ba) metaniobate compounds on their photocatalytic H2 evolution from pure water"
I-S. Cho, S. T. Bae, D. H. Kim, K. S. Hong
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 35, pp.12954-12960, 2010. 11.
282    "Photophysical and Photocatalytic Properties of Ag2M2O7 (M=Mo, W)"
D. W. Kim, I.-S. Cho, S. Lee, S.-T. Bae, S. S. Shin, G. S. Han, H. S. Jung, K. S. Hong
J. Am. Ceram. Soc, 93(11), pp.3867-3872, 2010. 11.
281    “Correlation of anatase particle size with photocatalytic properties”
S. Lee, I.-S. Cho, J.-H. Noh, K. S. Hong, G. S. Han, H. S. Jung, S. Jeong, C. Lee, H. Shin
Phys. Status Solidi A, 207(10), pp. 2288-2291, 2010. 10.
280    "Li electroactivity of iron (II) tungstate nanorods"
H.-W. Shim, I.-S. Cho, K. S. Hong, W. I. Cho, D.-W. Kim
Nanotechnology, 21(46), pp. 465602, 2010.11.
279    "Synthesis of Heterogeneous Li4Ti5O12 Nanostructured Anodes with Long-Term Cycle Stability"
D. K. Lee, H.-W. Shim, J. S. An, C. M.. Cho, I.-S. Cho, K. S. Hong, D.-W. Kim
Nanoscale research letters, 5(10), pp. 1585-1589, 2010.10.
278    “Synthesis and photoactivity of hetero-nanostructured SrTiO3”
D. K. Lee, I.-S. Cho, D. K. Yim, J.-H. Noh, K. S. Hong, D.-W. Kim
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 118(1382), pp.876-880, 2010.10.
277    “Comparative property study on extruded Mg.HAP and ZM61.HAP composites”
A. K. Khanra, H. C. Jung, K. S. Hong, K. S. Shin
Materials Science and Engineering A, 527, pp. 6283-6288, 2010.09.
276    "A Newly Designed Nb-Doped TiO2/Al-Doped ZnO Transparent Conducting Oxide Multilayer for Electrochemical Photoenergy Conversion Devices"
J. H. Noh, H. S. Han, S. Lee, D. H. Kim, J. H. Park, S. Park, J. Y. Kim, H. S. Jung, K. S. Hong
J. Phys. Chem. C, 114, pp. 13867-13871, 2010.08.
275    "Influence of nitrogen chemical states on photocatalytic activities of nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanoparticles under visible light"
S. Lee, I.-S. Cho, D. K. Lee, D. W. Kim, T. H. Noh, C. H. Kwak, S. Park, K. S. Hong, J.-K. Lee, H. S. Jung
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 213, pp. 129-135, 2010. 06.
274    "Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic properties of CaNb2O6 with ellipsoid-like plate morphology"
I.-S. Cho, D.W. Kim, C.M. Cho, J.-S. An, H.-S. Roh, K.S Hong
Solid State Sciences, 12, pp. 982-988, 2010. 06.
273    "Facile hydrothermal synthesis of porous TiO2 nanowire electrodes with high-rate capability for Li ion batteries"
H-W. Shim, D. K. Lee, I-S. Cho, K. S. Hong, D-W. Kim
Nanotechnology, 21, pp. 255706-1-9, 2010. 06.

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